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Scrap Processing

Scrap Processing

Scrap Recycling Solutions (Shredding / Shearing / Scrap Handling)

With more than three decades of hands-on industry expertise, ISSC is well capable of providing complete scrap processing solutions to its clients based on the requirements such as type of scrap available, production output required, space available and many more factors.

Steel is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Steel plants can optimize loading intervals and reduce tap-to-tap times by using shredded scrap which results in a better production performance while reducing specific energy consumption.

Benefits of Scrap Processing
  • The most important benefit of processing scrap is to eliminate contamination in the metal. Thus this process increases the value of the metal and its quality.
  • Melting times are reduced, increasing furnace efficiency and therefore electrode and refractory lifespans. Processed steel scrap is more cost effective to use in steel furnaces because of consistency from melt.
  • Decreased consumption of "consumables" such as electrodes, refractory material and calcium oxide
  • Shredded scrap commonly has a high density above 0.9 tonnes/m3; the unwanted materials (soil, plastics and nonferrous metals) are kept below 2% and may be as low as 0.75%.
  • Slag production is much reduced and may be more than halved which means savings on additions of slag formers such a lime, leading to a higher productivity.
  • For reducing the volume of scrap metal, processing scrap metal is very much necessary. Only when the scrap is shredded and the volume gets reduced, it will be easy for handling.
  • Transportation problem will be made easier and due to their small size the cost of transportation also will become less.
  • Savings in time and in resource and energy use, and through a reduction in CO2 emissions.
Equipment Range
  • Gantry Shear
  • Container / Continuous Shear
  • Double Shaft Shredder
  • Hammer Mill Shredder / Crusher
  • Complete Shredding Line
  • Baler / Bundling Machines
  • Baler Shear
  • Heavy Duty Scrap Yard Cranes
  • Platform Cranes for furnace charging
Consumables Range
  • Copper Mould Tube
  • Graphite Electrodes