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Graphite Electrode

Graphite Electrodes - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.

Graphite Electrodes

We supply graphite electrodes for both LADLE REFINING FURNACE and ARC FURNACE. ISSC has tied up with globally leading graphite electrode manufacturers with state of the art manufacturing process, quality control, testing facilities and raw material stocking to ensure the most reliable and stable product deliveries. We can customize products as per the customer's actual operational parameters.

Different range of electrodes supplied by us include :
  • Nominal diameter : 100mm to 700mm
  • Electrode length : 1500mm to 2700mm
  • Current : 5,000 amps to 1,00,000 amps
  • Ash content : </= 0.2%
Different range of electrodes supplied by us include :
  • Normal Power Graphite Electrodes (NP)
  • Impregnation Power Graphite Electrodes (IP)
  • High Power Graphite Electrodes (HP)
  • Special Power Graphite Electrodes (SHP)
  • Ultra High Power Graphite Electrodes (UHP)
  • High Density Graphite Electrodes (HD)