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Gantry Shear

Gantry Shear - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.

Gantry Shear

Gantry scrap metal shears is used in steel plants, recycling companies, automobile dismantling plants, smelting & casting industry for cold-cutting all kinds of metal scrap (section steel, round steel, square steel, scrap car, metallic structural parts etc. ) into acceptable furnace charges. Gantry shear machine is especially designed for heavy metal scraps (common metal, structure steel, round steel, rebar) / HMS scrap / automobile scrap car etc. It adopts hydraulic drive, simple operation & easy maintenance.

  • Hardox anti-wear plates
  • Huge feeding box to accommodate large scrap and increase production output
  • High quality heavy duty cylinders (Hardened and chrome-coated piston rots, special honed pipes)
  • Hydraulic drive, manual valve operation, or automatic running by remote control induction
  • No-contact sensors to avoid re-calibration
Max Shearing / Cutting Force 315 Tons to 2000 Tons Parameters Customizable as per client requirement
Press Box / Feeding Box Length 5000 mm to 10000 mm
Output Capacity 5 tons per hour to 40 tons per hour
Blade Length (mm) 1400 mm to 2500 mm
Chain Pusher
Automatic Lubrication
PLC and Remote Control
Heat Exchanger
All Included

Hydraulic Systems

This equipment adopts the new fast environmental protection hydraulic station, which is an integrated design of the pump power source, fuel tank, cooling system and control valve set, occupying a small area and low noise.

Advantages: Environmental Protection, Low Noise, Small Area, No Oil Pollution, Easy Installation, Easy Switching.