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Auxiliary Equipment for Shredding Line

Baler Shear - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.


The series of Shredders, Shears, Cranes and Balers available with ISSC are suitable for metal recycling processing plants, scrap dismantling field, smelting and casting industry, for various shapes of steel, angle steel, channel steel, round steel, other heavy sections, ductile iron pipes, copper, aluminum, steel wire rope, Rebar, cutting angle iron & other structures for cold chopped, processed into qualified charge. We offer a comprehensive range of Machines that are manufactured in compliance with industrial standards & norms.


Magnetic Separation

The permanent magnet self-unloading suspension self-unloading iron remover can be installed parallel or cross-over on the conveyor belt, automatically sucking iron, automatically unloading iron, and realize automatic continuous operation.

The main working principle is to separate black or non-ferrous materials by the magnetic field generated by permanent magnets or coils.

Magnet Separation - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.
  • The magnetic field is constant, the distribution is reasonable, the magnetic field depth is large, and the adsorption force is strong.
  • The compact structure requires a small installation space on the upper part of the conveyor belt.
  • Uninterrupted magnetic protection eliminates the possibility of a power failure and electrical component failure.
  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range of belt widths and load depths.
  • Easy to install and low operating costs.
Eddy Current Sorting - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.

Eddy Current Sorting

The eddy current sorting machine is mainly used for recovering non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum from industrial waste and domestic waste.

Eddy current sorer can be widely used in environmental protection fields such as garbage disposal, recycling of used electrical appliances and materials processing in non-ferrous metal processing industries. Excellent sorting effect on a variety of non-ferrous metals, strong adaptability.

When the eddy current sorting machine is working, a high-frequency alternating magnetic field is generated on the surface of the sorting magnetic roller.

When the conductive non-ferrous metal passes through the magnetic field, an eddy current is induced in the non-ferrous metal, and the eddy current itself Producing a magnetic field opposite to the direction of the original magnetic field, non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) will leap forward in the direction of their transport due to the repulsive force of the magnetic field, achieving separation from other non-metallic materials for sorting purposes.

The main distinguishing criterion is the ratio of the conductivity and density of the material, and the material with a higher ratio is easier to separate than the material with a lower ratio.

  • Adopt intelligent touch control cabinet system, variable frequency control, and run more smoothly and reliably
  • Using PLC programmable control, one-button start, simple operation
  • The magnetic roller adopts effective magnetic system protection to prevent the magnetic system from falling off during high-speed operation

Conveyor Belts (Customizable Size)

  • Metal Conveyor belts for scrap feeding into shredders.
  • Rubber belts conveyors for shredded scrap output.
  • Magnetic rubber belt conveyors for smaller capacity shredders.
Conveyor Belts(Customizable Size) - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.
Dust Removal System - Industrial Supplies and Solutions Company(ISSC), Chennai.

Dust Removal System

The central dust collector dust collector adopts high pressure (0.5-0.7Mpa) large-flow pulse valve to spray and clean the filter one by one.

The dust collector has the characteristics of large ash kinetic energy and high efficiency. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, easy installation and convenient maintenance (external filter type) and the pulse dust collector is widely applicable to the dust-containing gas purification treatment system of the fine powder processing to the industry and is an ideal equipment for environmental dust removal.